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The Spring Fair Success Story

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: our recent participation at the Spring Fair held in the NEC Birmingham has been nothing short of extraordinary. The Spring Fair, renowned for being one of the UK’s leading trade exhibitions, provided us with an unparalleled platform to showcase our latest products and innovations including our new Sign ranges, stunning Mugs and much much more…

The response was overwhelmingly positive.  We were delighted to witness such genuine interest and enthusiasm for what we have to offer.

But the success of the Spring Fair wasn’t just about making connections; it was also about forging new partnerships and solidifying existing ones.

Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering exceptional products, and providing unparalleled service to our valued customers. Together, we are shaping the future of our industry, and the best is yet to come.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. Here’s to many more successes together.


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Metal and Wood Signs Launch

Introducing Our Trendy Metal and Wood Sign Range: A Perfect Blend of Fun and Chic

Our brand-new collection of stylish metal and wood signs has officially arrived, encompassing an exciting selection of fun, humorous, decorative, and useful types and titles. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and with stock flying off the shelves, we are thrilled to announce that we are now shipping directly from the factory to expedite delivery times.

Crafted with the latest design trends in mind, our chic metal and wood signs effortlessly blend modern aesthetics with a touch of whimsy. The highest quality materials combined with meticulous attention to detail result in eye-catching pieces that are sure to draw attention and inject personality into any space.

From clever one-liners to beautifully crafted decorative pieces, our sign range caters to all tastes and preferences. Spruce up your home or office with a touch of humour, express your individuality, or surprise loved ones with unique gifts that are bound to make them smile.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Order now to secure immediate dispatch, guaranteeing your swift receipt of these coveted signs. For those looking to plan ahead, pre-order now to secure your stock for January delivery, ensuring availability during this high-demand period.

At Global Journey we are dedicated to delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations. We firmly believe that our new fun sign range will enhance any living or working space, bringing joy, laughter, and style to your day-to-day life.

To explore our exciting collection and place your order, visit


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My Wellbeing Garden

Our new Gardening Books arrived this week, literally hot off the presses! These journals are a must-have for any garden lover.

A garden is more than just plants; it is a living masterpiece where dreams blossom and memories take root. With “My Wellbeing Garden“, customers can embark on their gardening journey with a dedicated space to document and nurture their green thumb adventures. Whether they are seasoned horticulturists or budding enthusiasts, this range offers the perfect companion to cultivate their gardening endeavours.

Our first shipment of these stunning journals sold out in no time, thanks to their eye-catching artwork. But fret not! Our second shipment is on its way and will be available in just a few days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! These journals make great gifts and are offered at a fantastic price point. Boost your sales with My Wellbeing Garden and watch as your customers come back for more.

Order your display now and ensure you receive your delivery just in time for those crucial Christmas sales. These journals will make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a green thumb. Don’t delay! Take your gardening experience to the next level with My Wellbeing Garden’s Garden Planning Journals.

Click here to order now My Wellbeing Garden|Global Journey Wholesale


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Wallet Essentials are here!


Now in stock are our exciting new range of attractively packaged Wallet Essentials are made of stainless steel – a sustainable choice being both durable and long-lasting. Customers will not need to replace their wallet tools frequently, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

With 20 different tools, Wallet Essentials are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks. This makes it an excellent choice for customers looking for a single tool with multiple functions.- convenient to carry around and ensuring that customers always have access to the tools they need. Wallet Essentials are credit card-sized, so can easily fit into a wallet or purse.

At just £5.99, our new range of wallet tools is an affordable option for customers who are looking for high-quality tools at a reasonable price.

Click here to order now Wallet Essential Multi-tool|Global Journey Wholesale



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“Don’t worry – be happy”*. That’s what we want for our kids. Now you can let your customers’ kids have their Worry Monster gobble up those worries.

Cute and adorable Worry Monsters will encourage children to write down their worries so they can be eaten away. Before going to sleep every night they can let go of all their worries and stresses and pass them onto their very own personalised Worry Monster who will gobble them up.

When they wake up in the morning they will see that their worries have gone. Little do they know that their Worry Monster has whispered their worries to a grown-up so that they can help.

Each is personalised so that kids know that this is their very own Worry Monster.

Cute and Cuddly in 7 different colours and machine washable Worry Monsters are the perfect gift.

*With apologies to Bobby McFerrin:’t_Worry%2C_Be_Happy

Click here to order now Worry Monsters|Global Journey Wholesale




Spring has sprung! (Apparently)


Now’s the time to get Grow Your Own Name plants on your shelves. Customers are reordering them in bulk quantities due to the sales volumes. Don’t just ask us, this is what customers have to say about the range:

“We knew it would be a quick seller but I’m amazed by our customer response, they love it!! Perfect gift for any occasion. We ordered again after 2 days worth of sales due to customer feedback”.
Jo – Trowell Garden Centre



name on grow your own bean

grow your own name tins


Container 1 and Container 2 (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)


We received Container 1 and due next week is Container 2. As mentioned previously Grow Your Own Name and Personalised backpacks are completely pre-sold. We’re looking forward to Container 3 which should arrive in late March but we’ll be sold out of that stock quite soon. Please order now if you would like some of that stock!


Personalised drawstring backpacks NEW


Now taking orders… for March!


As predicted the demand for Grow Your Own Name has been massive. We’ve sold out of the first shipment that arrived last week. The second shipment is due in 2 weeks (mid February) and that is also completely sold out! We’re now taking orders for the 3rd container that will go to customers in March but please be aware that March is exceptionally busy for plant products, even more so for something as unique as Grow Your Own Name. We already have orders for some of the March stock so please don’t delay if you like this product! Place your order now.


Personalised drawstring backpacks NEW


Here they come – there they go!


Early this morning a 40′ container full of Personalised Grow Your Own Name and Personalised Drawstring Bags came in. This afternoon we started despatching them to expectant customers all over the UK. By next week all of them will be on customers’ shelves ready to sell like hot cakes. Orders continue to flood in and we’ll be despatching them in 3 weeks when the next container arrives. We don’t have many of them available as they are pre-sold so please order now.


Personalised drawstring backpacks NEW


Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2023 – the year where everything gets better – hopefully! Well that’s what we’re planning anyway!

Watch this space for some amazing new new products, arriving soon. We’ll launch them at the upcoming Christmas show in Harrogate and at the NEC Spring Fair on 5th February plus at regional shows.

Arriving into stock next week (w/c 16th January) are Drawstring Bags and Grow Your Own name. On top of those will be a major new product range. You’ll see it here first next month, if not at the above shows!


Personalised drawstring backpacks NEW


Be germ free this winter.


It’s flu season and with germs abounding sales of our HandGels are flying off the shelves. Focussing on popular themes, with titles for dog walkers (our most popular title!) to gym goers, gardeners, personalised titles and more there’s something for everyone. Perfectly pocketable and with a handy clip to attach to backpacks Global Journey Hand Gels are the best solution for germ free hands.



A ‘Christmas Wish’ for under a tenner. 


Is that a typo? No, the price is right! Just £9.99 RRP for a genuine pearl necklace. Our Christmas “Make a Wish” Pearl Gift Sets with a variety of Christmas titles are available on an attractive and environmentally friendly corrugated display at no additional cost. An intriguing concept – open your own oyster to discover a real pearl inside. Pop it in the supplied pendant and you have a beautiful pearl pendant.


woofnotes notesbook images 03 cavalier king charles spaniel


Feeling woof? 


Feeling woof? Our new range of “Woof Notes” notebooks with your own dog breed on the cover will brighten your day. There are more dog owners now than ever, so for Just £9.99 RRP this exceptional quality, on-trend concept will delight dog owners everywhere.


woofnotes notesbook images 01 chihuahua

woofnotes notesbook images 01 golden retriever

woofnotes notesbook images 03 cavalier king charles spaniel




Well, that’s a first! We literally sold our entire first shipment of “Grow Your Own Name” at the product launch. Last week was the Autumn Gift Fair where we teased “Grow Your Own Name” and took pre-orders. Little did we realise we would completely sell out. Some urgent emails and phone calls later we managed to secure increased quantities and we have revised our projections. Be sure to order now if you would like to be part of
January’s delivery schedule. 


grow your own name tins

name on grow your own bean

‘Grow your own Profits’ 


This has to be the most exciting product launch we’ve experienced in all of our 20+ years as a giftware supplier. Grow Your Own does what it says on the tin – literally – for it’s a bean you can grow in a tin. What’s unique about it is that as the bean grows your customer’s name will magically appear on the bean. Environmentally friendly, fast selling and new to the market, what more can you ask for? What are you waiting for – it’s time to grow, grow, grow your own profits!


global journey stand autumn fair

‘Attractive deals’ 


The “r” is back in the month and energy bills are soaring, so what giftware will your customers buy? The £9.95 gift product is now an absolutely premium price so we’ve focussed on ranges with a high perceived value but at a budget price. How about Multi-tool pens in a quality gift box for just £4.99? Premium Magnetic Bookmarks RRP is just £2.99 and Quirky fun Magnetic Notepads just £3.99. Boost your sales with perfect price points for every budget.