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StoreSound is your own branded in-store radio station, with regular identifying announcements throughout the day welcoming your customers and telling them all about your special offers, information and events.

No more annoying DJs, station jingles, traffic announcements and ads for products unrelated to your business.



Your Own Branded Radio Station

You can order up to 10 free announcements each month and can play them as often as you like. No more annoying DJs, station jingles, traffic announcements and ads for products unrelated to your business.

Free Professionally
Customised Announcements

Increase your profits with up to 10 free professionally customised announcements. You can promote your events, activities and offers.

Use this service to tell your customers about opening times, promotions, specials in your cafe and simply to welcome your customers and let them know you appreciate their custom.

Stop Paying PRS & PPL Fees

StoreSound has a database of thousands of carefully selected tracks from Global Journey Music. As Global Journey has opted not to register with PRS and PPL and only uses musicians and composers who are also not registered we license you to play our music in your outlet with no obligation to pay PRS and PPL.

Complete Customisation

You tell us the announcements you would like played in your store and our professional announcers record them for your radio station. If you prefer you can simply use our template announcements customised for your outlet.

Choose how often you would like the announcements played and each month you can change any or all of the announcements
without charge.

Why Do I Need StoreSound?

Your business model is to offer your customer the perfect shopping experience. You have spent time and money on perfecting the design and layout of your store and selecting ideal products. You have done your best to stimulate your customer’s visual senses and after vision the most important sense affecting our perception is hearing.

StoreSound completes the sensual experience, using the most effective, entertaining music to create the ideal ambience for your customers. At the same time you are subtly informing them with information relevant to their time in your store and reinforcing your brand image.

Equipment Maintenance

No worries with our system, StoreSound is a simple, robust radio made to integrate into existing PA/Music/Speaker systems and designed to play continuously day after day.

In the unlikely event of an equipment problem we will replace the system by next day courier*.



* Replacement systems are sent out using next working day couriers.

Updated Music Every Month

We don’t want you, your staff or customers to tire of the same music played regularly. Many radio stations play the same records daily, which can be irritating. We setup your radio station with a huge library of many hundreds of entertaining tracks and each month we change it introducing fresh new tracks.

No heavy beats, repetitive jingles or shouting DJs, just professionally mixed appropriate music to create a pleasant ambience.

The StoreSound Radio Player

The StoreSound Radio is a reliable British made player designed to integrate easily with everything from PA systems to HiFi and simple speaker systems. Requiring no setup it will play your in-store radio hour after hour, day after day with no user intervention. If there is a power failure for any reason the player will automatically reset itself and recommence playing your radio programme. Whenever required new radio programmes can be added to the player by simply slotting in a new SD Card. StoreSound radio gives you excellent sound quality together with simple operation for a trouble free solution to your audio requirements. If you don’t have an existing system we can offer economical options for you.

StoreSound Radio: Plug in, connect and forget.

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